on the matter of death + the possibility of birth (like now)

Learned from Vanity Fair that my childhood super crush Michael J. Fox and I have this in common:

When it’s our time to go, the grim reaper will find us being licked to death by puppies.

It’s a done deal. Decided. My fate is sealed.

Who’s with me?

Too scary to ponder?

Here’s what’s real scary:

Traveling through life without a sense of purpose or meaning. Experiencing life as an exercise in defying death. Just making it. Die. Another. Day.

Analyze this:

We experience life as a risky corporation. Hunker down. Take cover. Must keep safe at ALL times.

We’re all going to die.

Yes!! We are. And since how you live is how you die, this means that we actually have a say.

Life and death are “inside jobs.”

How ironic then it is to treat life as suspiciously deathly.

People entertaining job transition take special note now:

That “dream life with the work you actually want to be doing” comes with “deathly prospects” – it means a change in income (even if it’s just for a little while), a change in status without a job ‘identifier’, a change in other people’s opinions about you, and it may even mean a lifestyle change.

The transition is a death of metaphorical proportions – it’s just not actually death causing like the mind fears.

It’s death to habits and thoughts of self-sabotage. Patterns that hold you back. Patterns that you use to hold other people back (‘cause if you’re not living a passionate life then damn those who are). It’s death to your attachment of the material world.

It’s also a birth.

(We always seem to forget this part, but it’s as inevitable as death).

It’s the birth of living your potential (not just wondering what it is). Wanting less from the world outside. Loving yourself and everything in your life more. Your possessions are no longer burdens, but rather discerningly selected accoutrements that reflect your authentic style.

Planning on your ideal passage isn’t new btw, it’s just undercover and slow to be revealed. Turns out that talking about death is hard, but acting like being we’re about to die isn’t (so we spend much more time on that).

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross is infamous for her quintessential work on death and dying. She lived her “work” right to to the end of her own “dust-to-dust” experience. Rather than wait until she was in the care of an establishment where she would inevitably feel like she had no choice, she partnered with others to facilitate her intentions in terms of her spiritual, emotional and physical needs.

She asked for what she wanted both in life and death. And for that, she’s my hero.

Even more recently, Louise Hay published her “plans” and selected an intimate team to support her when the cosmos calls her back.

Decide how you want to die so that you can truly live. Because choosing how to live is your ultimate possibility.

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