your most meaningful career plan ever (as a poem)

Your career isn’t a job title – in fact, a job title is just packaging to say how you spend your day.

A focus on the packaging keeps you away from meaningful career planning. So, let’s quickly plan your career. And I do mean quickly.

Get ready to write it down and keep it in a safe and not-so-secret place.

For a minute (or five at most!) free yourself from the confines of your daily packaging. Create an inner moment of stillness and write a few words from your heart to your life for your career.

And just in case you’re wondering: Why do this at all? And finding your mind arguing that it seems too simple to bother with. Let’s address that:

I know that when your career isn’t going so well, it’s hard to feel great about other parts of your life. A career in our Western culture means so much – and that’s not a bad thing.

Especially for people like you and me, a career means so much because the desire to contribute is strong. It’s a possible venue for the best of you.

So – a career is a natural place to create a sense of fulfillment. You’re not a weirdo.

It’s looking to our career for so much and feeling bad about it that makes how we spend our time here on earth feel less poignant. If there is to be an end to chaotic thinking, the beginning steps are minuscule, but not insignificant. There is no grandiose route to a satisfying career.

(That ought to be good news to you.)

So, let this exercise be a beginning, or a middle or a continuation to the parts of you that you want to see more of in the world. Use your dissatisfaction to lead you into clarity. If you’re dissatisfied, you know what you want instead of or to do more of. You’re not confused.

Careers of meaning, of joy, of bliss and of purpose take planning, focus, compassion and authenticity. These are the career choices that come from the wisest part of your being that is always with you not matter how dissatisfied you are.

Reach for it now and let it reach back towards you. I’ll go first:

My most meaningful career plan ever.

Sabrina’s Career Plan (Poem) –

Experience stillness. Be stillness. Share stillness.
Collaborate with my inner child.
Honor boundaries.
Bend time.
Embody my body.
Free genius.

And you know what’s next – what’s yours?

(Writing tip: Be brief. Be bold. Be. In 1-5 minutes. Go!)

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