This isn’t about nudity – it’s “on-the-job” exposure

It’s (like seriously long over-due) time to re-imagine our concept of work. Work is not just a means to an end. Real work is about creating a life that integrates all parts of you.

Meaning: The simplest thing that you do is your gift to the world. It’s simply how you are. You need no thanks because it’s a pleasure just to be able to be yourself.

And you can absolutely create a life out of doing this seemingly simple thing because you do it uncommonly well.

The dilemma?

Not everyone knows how to express, name or talk about the meaningful thing they do … It’s under a lot of clutter.

(So it kinda makes it hard to get paid for it then, right?)

This is a taste of a much bigger story – an exposé where I reveal “my thing.” Tanya Geisler has the rest. Visit for the complete post.

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