your personality test can’t get you career bliss (here’s why not)

Have you got career bliss yet from your personality test (or as I like to call it, your ego test) result?

Likely not.

The thing is that personality tests aren’t really useful career decision-making tools. So don’t use or rely on them for that.

How come? (So glad you asked …)

From what I’ve seen, it’s incredibly tempting (because I’ve been there) to answer a forced choice exercise based on how you want to be perceived.

Or to answer based on how you were taught is “right” to be (as though there is such a thing).

And have you considered that your very own unique answer might not even be an option on the test?

Hmm …

And then, what about applying your personality assessment results to your day-to-day life?

Oh wait, let me guess. You don’t do that. And you wouldn’t be alone.

So results vary. To say the least.

To even get the best possible results, you need to be clear on how you actually are.

But remember, there’s something that can never be accounted for in a personality test –

(Yup, if you guessed it)

What can’t be accounted for is the purpose of your soul. An infinite, but inevitable possibility expressed as your unique self.

Consider too that you are far more likely to behave outside of your actual personality type due to expectations that you place on yourself (you know, all that self-talk based on what you think others want you to do, that then you go do, yeah, that).

Authentic, confident, clear career decision-making skills are actually the result of developing self-awareness. Awareness that you then act on.

But don’t despair if you have test results or were wanting to get some, here’s what you can do with your personality test to help your personality (aka ego) be in service of your soul. Because what you have now is a great dictionary (words! words! words!) of values and articulated preferences and strengths to translate not only how your personality is, but what conditions are best for you to thrive in to other personality types (people wanting to work with you).

Here are just four things you can now do (with personality test results that you feel the most comfortable with):

1. Include descriptions and key words about your style in your resume (Hello? This is career bliss calling!);

2. Look for, apply for, and network for opportunities that use the words that speak to your personality type (egos are incredibly particular about what words they respond best to and there’s no shame in that);

3. Use these (professional) words to describe your work style preferences at interviews (just watch yourself be more real and pretend less in an instant!);

4. Most important of all, you have a veritable playground of words and configurations of those words to choose from to help you answer questions (that you used to dread BUT now love!) like: Can you tell me about yourself? What kind of work are you looking for exactly? Etc.

Happy playing with words!

P.S. Your horoscope is also a good place to look for words to help claim your career bliss. Just google: [your sun sign] at work.

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