do you have a ‘poo poo’ person in your life?

You know what you want to create in your life.

You know that if you headed in a particular direction that you’d be happy.

You even have supporters, encouragers and people imagining your success. Wanting it for you.

Career bliss is possible.

But you’re stalling.

You’re not growing emotionally towards taking the steps in creating what you want for yourself.

In that case my friend, you definitely need a ‘poo poo’ person.

They’re the fatalists, the Debbie Downers, the cynics and the critics with a front row seat in your life.

They can help you if you let them. They can help make career bliss possible.

That is IF you make your ego healthy and wise (’cause wisdom ain’t comin’ in your old age sweet cakes without the work … that’s what my retired girlfriends tell me. I see what they mean).

Take Kelly Smith for example. He had a poo poo person. Someone that, according to society, should be supportive of him no matter what. This person could have derailed Kelly if he had bought into what “society says.”

So, who is Kelly Smith?

He won a silver medal for Canada at the Australian Paralympic games in 2000. He decided to start training one day and put together a team to help him get ready for the games – a nutritionist, a trainer, a doctor, and others. He had a dream and a plan and the commitment. At least that’s what he thought.

He just hadn’t faced his dear, sweet, yummy food-making grandmother yet.

Every week he would visit his grandma and she would prepare lots of really yummy food. All of his favourites. Just for him. She loved him dearly. With food. Only on this particular day, while visiting grandma, he was in training and would be for a long time to come. He told her that he couldn’t eat all the lovely things she’d made. Her response:

“You don’t actually think you’re going to win a medal, do you?

Yes, his grandmother said that.

Her comment took him by surprise for a moment. After all she represented love to him. Grandmotherly love. But in that moment, his grandmother, this “poo poo” person, gave him a nudge that he never got from just hearing compliments, encouragement, and support.

Kelly decided that, yes, he did actually want to win a medal. And of course as history tells us, he did.

Was he angry at grandma? He wasn’t. He actually said that he was grateful to her. Yes, grateful.

It was his grandmother after all that helped him the most to know how committed he was.

Negative feedback is a way of being asked: How committed are you? The Universe needs to know. It’s asking through those people that you love because that’s how strong your courage (coeur as in heart – not the rambo kind) needs to be. Because if you didn’t know before how committed you were or that you were actually willing to sabotage yourself, you sure as hell will know now. You’ll get to know what your aspirations are really about.

Not committed? No problem. It’s just time to tell yourself the truth and get on with your real life. And unearth the thing that you actually want to commit to. Your own definition of career bliss.

Know someone that could use some help with their “poo poo” people? Then, by all means, share this post.

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