a ‘what if’ (positive possibility) exercise for career bliss

The one rule: Bask in the glow of your potential.

The one instruction: Read the completed exercise aloud to yourself (and/or a loving audience) as often as you wish.

The one consideration: Give yourself permission to re-write as you evolve your consciousness and self-concept. You don’t wake up the same every day – so keep pace with yourself.

Here goes the making of your own soliloquy (admit it, you’ve always wanted your own!):

What happens if I admit that I’m really a ________________________ [insert a title for work that appeals to you that may or may not exist right now OR descriptives of what you really are here to do to make your time on earth feel engaging and of service to others in the highest sense of the word]?

What happens if I admit that my experience in/doing _________________________________________________ makes me a resource, an expert – someone that could possibly get paid for doing/offering _______________________________________?

What if I stopped for just a moment and pondered the possibility that while I may not know everything, on a scale of 1 – 10, my level of understanding of __________________ [subject matter] is at a __________ [insert number between 1 and 10]. This means that everyone that needs my help knows less than that. My job then isn’t to compete or convince anyone of what I know, it’s really to ____________________________________.

What happens if I tell people that I’m a ________________________ and that what that really means is that I get to ________________________________________________________?

What happens then, huh?

What does my ego do if I accept my job? My real job of helping _________________________ to ____________________________?

What if I could not only _________________ myself with what I know, but what if others felt __________ [same as previous blank] by what I know too? If what I’m saying is true I would feel _________________ and _____________________.

No, really. WHAT IF I DID THIS? The people that needed what I know already (right here in this moment) would feel ______________________ and __________________________.

How _____________________ would that be?

Now, go have yourself an awesome day. And don’t let the shelf life on your potential expire. xo

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