my top secret tips for writing thank-you notes that make you feel all sparkly inside + at peace with however life goes

The thank you note: the grand flourish that indicates your genuine interest in pursuing your candidacy for a job.

Let’s set the scene first: The interview was magic and you’d really love to move things to the next level …

but you don’t want to sound creepy, clingy, cheesy. Right?

I understand. When something means a lot to you, you put a lot of pressure on yourself wanting to make everything work out not only for the best, but in your favor.

But the more surrendered you are to the process of what is, the better anything that comes out of you will be. You think you have to be good, but ironically you don’t.

The mysterious part here is that if you think you have to be good to get what you want, you will never be really good. These conditions make it hard to be the good you are. And when you don’t think that you have to be good, you become exceptionally good because you are doing what you are.

So, to help you be the exceptional good you are, here are some of my top-secret tips (plus writing prompts!) for offering a thank you note that makes you feel sparkly inside for being you + at peace with however the process goes.

Ah-mazing thank you notes are:

:: Hand-written (yup be vintage, get nostalgic, it’s classy).

:: Unique and appropriate (professional can be unique – professional does not have to mean boring!).

:: Reflective of both you and the connection you want to create through the correspondence – what feels like it would fit that description when you consider your options?

:: Lovely to touch (source the most gorgeous paper you can. This is a sensual experience after all).

:: Personalized and genuine (write like you mean it).

:: Short (no more than 3-5 sentences – it’s not a letter, it’s a note).

:: Mindful (take the time and make the time to craft what you want to say – “That was great!” is really low on information for the recipient. Specificity is more useful and beautiful).

:: Written with a good pen (make sure the pen isn’t going to run out on you – you don’t want to switch to a different pen and start over).

:: Enclosed (in a matching envelop – and a return label from your personalized stationary is a nice touch too).

:: Signed off with flair and ownership (I always sign my notes with something related to bliss – “In bliss” or “Blissfully yours”).

Since the truth speeds up what is going to happen anyway, the more you are you, the faster you get to who and what is meant for you. Your authenticity is a calling card.

Once you’re ready, here are some prompts for the perfect prose:

Dear _______________ [insert their name – I like first names, you might choose otherwise],

I feel like you and I really connected over ______________________________________________.
And to quote my favourite [actor/author/philosopher/poet/hero/] on the subject of _______________: “[insert the quote here].”

I’d like to take this opportunity to reiterate [this is the part where you remind them want you wanted them to take away from meeting you that is the essence of why you’d be a magical pairing].

Not only is my priority to _____________________________________________, it’s just as important to me that __________________________________.

I want to live in a world that values _______________________________, and from our meeting I see how _________________________________.

I can hardly wait to _______________________________________.

I genuinely look forward to _________________________________.

Here’s what to do next …

Gather your prose and order them into something that feels just right for the occasion. Here’s what I mean in a sample (you are most welcome):

Thank You Note Edited

And just because I adore beautiful stationary, and because I love sharing, some of my haunts for the perfect note cards are here, here, and here.

And if you’re still wondering why a thank-you note is worth the effort take a look at this.

And now you: Is there a line from a thank you note or a compliment that you’ve received that made your day, week, month, year? Would love if you felt so inclined to share (and so would anyone else that stops by).

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