Unconventional career tools make your old world new again

A relaxed mind that’s having fun acquires, reveals, and contributes way more than a stressed out one.

This much you probably already know.

My confession is this: Unless I see something or do it for myself – experience it somehow, I have no idea what’s going on.

My truth is this: Learning was stressful growing up. Especially in auditory learning environments, which was pretty much all that was on offer at school.

(Except for Mr. Pierce, my grade 9 English teacher that let me do my assignments as drama presentations or poetry. I now suspect that he too didn’t learn the best just through his ears).

In “mainstream” terms, I learn best by experiencing something (kinesthetic learning) followed by seeing things (visual learning) a little bit. You’d have to explain it to me at least 100 times (and even then there are no guarantees), but show me or create an experience and it’s locked in. Key thrown away.

Without this awareness for most of my life, I have often thought: “What’s was wrong with me? Why don’t I get it? Why do I work so hard for the grades I have? Why can’t I do better?”

Being told what to learn. How to learn it. Memorizing and reciting. Oh the pain of existing! Oh the horrors!

(It’s the drama presentation preference coming out.)

And that’s the error tho’:

To believe that the flaw lies in you rather than even conceiving of the possibility that perhaps the information was difficult to access and process (not to mention unbelievably uninspiring to take in).
Mainstream methods yield mainstream results.

And this is why conventional career development tools just don’t cut it for me. Personality tests with assessments and job titles are one tiny piece of a much more, much bigger, much more impressive YOU. Where’s the guidance on making your unique contribution in that?

(This is why the Bliss Kit is coming – it’s vivid learning.)

It wasn’t until I walked into a classroom one day oriented towards experiential learning that I realized how blind, deaf and mute I had felt up until that moment. My definition of learning was being challenged (and I liked it).

With experiential learning – all of a sudden, all my senses were engaged.

My synapses were on fire.

I was the instigator of connections.

(This chicky was moi?)

I was inspired.

And isn’t that the whole point of learning? To be inspired? To be moved? To then actually want to do something?

What if learning could feel bigger, more vivid, more 3D – like real life? What if you actually found it fun to learn?

Haven’t you ever noticed that your best ideas, learning, epiphanies or decisions come to you when you’re going with the flow, following your likes and leaving your conditioned inhibitions behind?

It’s no accident that we’re built that way.

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  1. I learn best by experiencing or seeing, too. When someone explains something to me audibly, I absolutely HAVE to write it down, otherwise there’s no way I’ll remember it!

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