what does your soul want for you?

It’s common to watch someone else and wonder about their behavior. I mean, sometimes people seem awfully strange – especially at work. Right?

And so, as a fellow human being you find yourself wondering or (better yet) making up stories for why they are doing what they are doing. Amusing, I know. I used to do this a lot myself.

Until I kinda, sorta realized that I needed to pay attention to me and my own stories. Because I more than kinda, sorta, really didn’t like how my career was going.

While it’s fun to be distracted with other people’s behaviour, it’s far more useful (as in joy reaping!) to do whatever it takes to reveal your own narratives to yourself about why you do what you do when you do it.

But it’s not easy. When you make up stories about other people you also judge them with great conviction as being silly, stupid, unaware. So, why then would you keep your opinion about your own story to yourself?

You wouldn’t.

You have really no intention of making this easy on yourself. That’s why you don’t know your own stories.

The deceptive distance offered from judging another actually has you believing that your life, your career and you are just so much better … when really, paying attention to others is just a distraction from your pain.

An illusion of safety.

A blindfold from seeing your own life.

An atmosphere of self-reflection is needed to create self-awareness in order to act with self-determination. Which, under these circumstances, is impossible. But not impossible to create. I know you’ve had brief lucid moments that you have been taught to push away as nonsensical. Like an Edward Lear piece.

Your inside. In a word. Is: hostile.

Prognosis then is career bliss: impossible.

This is a choice. When you can choose something else.

An alternative to begin with is the creation of inner neutrality. A climate of non-judgement. Just curiosity. No bad vs. good or right vs. wrong for what exists inside the depths that control your own behaviour that you do not understand about yourself. These gemstones offer the incentive to truly become who you are meant to be.

Because here’s the thing that you don’t realize is happening in any and all given moments:

You might be looking to the outer world for information about who you are and what you want, but simultaneously what’s happening is that information from the inside of you is also trying to make it’s way to you – the part of you that already knows who you are and what you want.

Whether you can acknowledge it or not in this moment, your soul is always trying to communicate with you.

You want to listen to it.

And maybe you would.

That is if the world were different.

You think that the soul seems to ask for too much that just isn’t realistic.

But what if that’s not quite right?

Because though you might be convinced of that, it doesn’t feel quite right to live like that. Permanently.

What if your soul isn’t asking things of you, but rather things for you.

Authenticity. Freedom. Security. Harmony. Connection. Peace. Contribution.

It’s what your soul wants for you.

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