at work shit happens … and what’s that like for you?

Work is stressful. Incredibly so.

But do you know why?

It’s because even though we all know that shit happens at work, we don’t want shit to happen at work.

It’s like you think you’re just there to do your job. And if that were true, you could just do your job. But work, like all else where humans gather, it is but a stage. And we, we are the players on the stage of life. In body for a purpose beyond our immediate understanding.

Now, I’m just going to pause this thought for a moment and tell you that in the Bliss Kit, there’s an entire session devoted to a little something called “your work purpose.”

In short, your work purpose (and everybody has one) is your raison d’être, the place where your soul and the world’s deepest hunger meet, your unique contribution to the world. Something that you do and are at the same time that you can find a way to get paid for. It’s your “real job hidden in plain sight.” And when you find out what your work purpose is, you realize that you could be in the wrong job, but more often than not it’s just you’re approach to work that isn’t working for you (pardon the pun).

(And yes, ’tis true. Most only know how to approach work in a stressful way. It’s what was modelled and erroneously revered and what you are asked to be grateful to others for – which just makes no sense when you think about what we’re encouraging as humans).

When I used to teach the Bliss Kit material in person, I would spend a whole day with the class exploring the topic of work purpose. Teasing it out with exercises, making it real with discussions and story-telling because it is applicable to daily and real life. We would overview everyone’s experience of working with or interacting with or being served by, or purchasing something from someone who seemed to be “working on purpose.”

What was it about those “on work purpose folk” exactly if you were lucky enough to have met one?

Well, let’s summarize the classroom discussion (but of course add to it to yourself):

:: These people are happy to be able to do the work they were doing (and to be at work) – very noticeable attitude difference in fact compared to others. And they were consistently that way each time you saw them and were served by them;

:: They never said that they loved their job – they showed you through their way of being. Love is action, behaviour, in the doing that comes from the being doing the doing. It’s “popular” now to say that you love your job, but words are weak compared to action;

:: They had clear and unobstructed access to their gut or intuition because they’re not playing a role by rote – they’re definitely ‘in the moment’ and spontaneous about what needs to happen. In other words you feel treated like a real human being;

:: They were magnetic – everyone wanted to work with them, be served by them or they couldn’t take on new clients because they were booked up. They feel lovely to be around. When you wanted “a good dentist” or “a good teacher” or “a good baby-sitter” they were the obvious choice;

:: They seemed so grateful to be able to do what they were doing – like you were giving to them by asking for their help;

:: Talking to them makes time both stand still and go by quite quickly.

And one more thing was different about them that kind of sticks out in a really good way…

:: Shit happened to them at work all the time and they don’t take offense to any of it because they were too busy working. It’s not like nothing bothered them, BUT when they’re working they are in the flow of what is happening. It’s accepted as part of the job. Accepted. Not merely tolerated;

Work isn’t stress when this kind of work is something more akin to focused relaxation.

That’s the power of working from purpose.

But rather than convince you of what I’m talking about, I’m going to show you a 1 minute and 19 second example of what I’m talking about. Because at the end of a work day, the shit that happens to you at work is really, truly, ultimately your opportunity to be your most genius self.

That is of course if you are in the best venue for your personality and soul combined.

So watch this and think about what you do and how much of this magic within you can (or is) invited into your own work. Click here.

Cheers and here’s to your career bliss.

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