A life is full of reasons to …
… not share your real self
… build your life around one value: security
… work because “you have to”
… keep your dreams a secret (even from yourself)
compare your “progress” to others + not believe in yourself.

So I exist to write + teach + inspire you to believe in yourself.

Which really means that I show you how to make your own fairy tale career come true. Because now that you’re here, it means you’re old enough to start believing in fairy tales again.

My name is Sabrina Ali. And I’m a Career Counselor.

I work with professionals and executives under 40 (virtually + around the world) that don’t feel fulfilled by the careers that they worked so hard for. So what I do, is I teach them how to become their own Career Advisor. If this applies to you, you’ll know this: You’re busy people who still want wisdom and sense in busyness. Because there’s nothing quite like navigating your career path with confidence, clarity while being true to yourself.

I invite you to fill out the tiny form on the right so that we can rendez-vous in your inbox (right now about 2-3 times a month). Below is where the library of articles begins (you’ll always be the first to get them if you’re on my very confidential list + some more private messages about what’s going on behind the scenes). Here is where you can find a road map in digital form (something I created just for people experiencing career disappointment + dissatisfaction), to learn more about me, click here and/or how I may be of assistance to you?

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Make yourself at home. xo

magic questions (for self-realization)

Sometimes something is bugging you, but you can’t quite figure out what it is. Exactly. You circle around it, but it’s in the centre and obscured. Maddeningly so. When this is the case, a lot of times that means that the answer lies in being asked the right question(s) that reveal you to you.

And as a Career Counselor, one of my favorite things to do is ask questions (as if you didn’t know!).

You need to be fearless when you answer though, so that means you need a safe place to write and share with yourself first and foremost. Because before you know what you want or need to do about something, you need to know that you have clarity on what’s really going on inside.

As an aside: You have no idea how many people are afraid to ask for what they need and want simply because they lack clarity on what they really want and need first. Because when you have clarity on what you want and need first, courage is so much easier than never procuring or pursuing something at all. And what you think you want is never actually a thing. It’s a feeling. (Surprise, surprise. I know.)

Clarity comes from knowing what you can do to help you create the desired feeling. But … you can’t get there without self-honesty and self-disclosure first.

So here are a few “magic questions” that can help to create the career clarity for life that you’re looking for. Your answers to the questions point you in the direction of your essence. Happy journalling. Take your time writing to say all that needs to be said. Be with yourself.

Les Questions (translation: the questions … I write from Canada remember?!)

:: What is challenging you about what you are currently experiencing? Details, details please.

:: What is supporting the birth of a life as the real you right now?

:: What feels too hard?

:: What do you need help with to cross or overcome right now? Where can you get this help from? What can you do? What resources can you reach out to?

:: What do you need to do in your own life for your own evolution (if life is feeling a little squishy on your being)?

:: What are you no longer okay with that it’s time to admit to?

:: What actually brings you contentment in your own life right now?

:: What have you been trying to pretend is “fine” that’s actually not?

And then … read what you wrote. As you read, your body, your feelings, your responses, your reactions will help you to see where you are judging yourself, where you withhold from yourself, and where you need your compassion.

This might be the first time you’re paying real attention to yourself.

Don’t always treat yourself like you know who you are. You are a mystery unfolding.

Answer the questions every day if you like. Or ask one each day, every day. Your answers might even surprise you. Writing truthfully in your own presence is one of the ways that you can cultivate that feeling of self-trust we all crave in our own life.


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what’s your soul’s story?

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are you paid to be nice at work?

Grade 11 was the worst year of my life. Knowledge that my step-father had sexually abused me when I was younger reached the authorities and I was going to have to testify in court. At about the same time my boyfriend had broken up with me and I had no idea why. I was interviewed…

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how to create an amazing resume letterhead (part 1)

The resume is finite real estate and what that means is that what goes on it is curated. By you. About you. So not only does the resume content matter, the design does too. And the design of your resume begins with your resume letterhead. It matters because it “says” something about you. Just like…

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the great resume checklist

Now that you’ve seen, studied and reflected upon your existing resume in reference to the sample from the last article, this step asks you to create a checklist so that you know when your very own resume is complete. Otherwise how will you know when it’s time to stop tinkering and put it to use?…

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why treating yourself as a commodity is a great disservice (part 4)

Here’s the point of your resume: Ability to self-attune = self worth = career satisfaction What we see in the career landscape of today is that resumes that are supposed to represent your self-worth (and also determine a monetary worth for the work that you do) are actually resumes filled to the brim with shame…

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why treating yourself as a commodity is a great disservice (part 2)

On your resume you’ll know that you are commoditizing yourself if you notice any of the following (psst … this is where you take out your existing resume and check it against this list): :: Phrases taken directly in part or whole from books, online materials or from other people’s resumes to help you create…

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