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Career disappointment and dissatisfaction especially after you’ve worked so hard for the career you’ve achieved is probably one of the most difficult things to experience.

And yes, it’s hard to admit to.

After all, it would be easy to assume that if it took all this effort (not to mention resources) to get to here – to some place that doesn’t feel like you or “a track” that you imagine taking for the foreseeable future, you don’t even want to think about what would be involved in getting to someplace that you actually want to be.

It just seems like too much work especially when you don’t know if it’s even worth it.

That’s what it felt like for me at least when I woke up on the other side of the world in a jet-lagged haze wanting nothing more than to pull the covers over my head and stay there. Ideally forever. I got made fun of for even contemplating walking away from such a lucrative life.

And you know what I wished more than anything in the whole world at the time?

(I will tell you, quite honestly.)

That there was someone that I could trust. Someone I could talk to. Someone that really got what I was going through. Someone that would walk me through a process to find my way back to thinking straight. Someone that could help me design solutions that were discreet and elegant so that I could learn to navigate my career from where I was with grace. Because with the way I was feeling at the time, my fall from the top was public and oh so awkward. And there was no one to help me do it differently. Not while I was still in my job anyway.

That should be the good news. Because the Bliss Kit (which is due for a re-brand that is on hold at the moment due to other projects) is the exact methodology that I went through in order to find my way back to experiencing confidence and clarity in myself which meant that I could then bring authenticity to my career creation + navigation process. So for those who were like me once upon a time, I made a private road map with customizable + elegant strategies for you to either work through on your own OR if you like you can consider working with me (for accountability + encouragement wherever you are in the world).

The Bliss Kit

For $150 what the Bliss Kit does is teach you how to become your own Career Advisor

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Matt Oliver“Warning Advisory: This product will change your life! Used as directed, it will create self-awareness, increase your confidence, and guide you to create a life full of meaning!”
Matt Oliver | Manager & PR Specialist for Bike Tour Company

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The Bliss Kit is a multi-modal digital career guide, a system, a succinct methodology, a visioning tool and road map. It’s the complete guide to learning how to manage your career with clarity while being true to yourself.

It’s every tool, conversation, question, exercise and story needed to figure your career out and come up with a strategy that works for you. It’s all the work that I would do with you one-on-one, but for less than the cost of a single Career Advising session.

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Don’t get me wrong, it’s going to take energy and effort to change your trajectory, but it’s not about exhausting yourself to get somewhere different without knowing if that’s where you want to be either.

The next time you make a move, you will do so with the guarantee of knowing in your gut or guided by your deepest intuition that what you are doing is absolutely the right next step for you. I know that you can’t not do everything in this Bliss Kit and have nothing happen.

This material – material that I was first a student of at a time when I really thought that I’d tried absolutely everything, I eventually became a teacher of. The youngest person to ever to that – important to note because learning from a peer who has what you’re wanting today is more meaningful than learning from someone much older who was where you are now many decades ago living in a completely different context.

But I don’t expect you to just buy something without assessing it for yourself. So to help you with that, here’s a self-assessment questionnaire to help you self-identify and if you’re still not sure, get in touch, let’s have a chat. Really. I’m happy to.

Here’s how you know if the Bliss Kit is right for you:

:: Have you thought about changing careers as the answer to your problem?

:: Have you already changed jobs once or more and still find yourself craving a sense of contribution, purpose or meaning? 

:: Do you suspect (or fear) that if you “career transition” or just “get another job” that you’ll still feel the same as you do now?

:: Would you like to know what people who genuinely feel like work is a fairy tale come true do differently?

:: Do you want to explore your career options knowing that the only alternative is not just to “start from scratch”?

:: Do you avoid talking to your friends and family about your career?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, the Bliss Kit is no doubt for you.

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Miranda WebbBrilliant! I love + love the Bliss Kit. Raise your awareness, change your story and create career bliss on your own terms.”
Miranda Webb | Founder,

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I realize that creating career clarity sounds like an insurmountable task because you didn’t get to where you are today overnight. You might also be wondering how the Bliss Kit can help and what I know about being yourself at work and getting paid for it.

Lots actually.

For more than ten years I’ve worked with people like you, one-on-one and as a classroom facilitator in various career counseling and advising roles as a dedicated professional in my field. And before you walk away from this page, I want you to understand this one thing: It’s really, really, really not your fault that you’re feeling disappointed, discouraged and dissatisfied by your career. No one showed you how to create work that works for you.

You’re experiencing this for a really good reason. And you’re not just supposed to live like this and get over yourself just because that’s what other people are telling themselves. For some people, people like you, what you do for work matters a lot and it’s beyond explanation.

The sad part is that many, many people don’t ever end up doing the things that would make the biggest difference to their own lives. They wait and wait and wait, because they don’t know that there’s a trusted someone who can help them with their problem. Someone who understands the problem exactly. Someone that actually wants to help make life easier. Someone that would think it a pleasure to help with their exact problem.

That someone is you that someone else is waiting for.

So yes, I’m really saying that you can get paid to give what is both most meaningful to you that others need and want.

Because really, a triumphant human being is one who is paid to do what brings them joy that alleviates the pain of others.

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Tanya GeislerStars come out! The Bliss Kit takes career seeking to a new level of joy and self-discovery.”
Tanya Geisler | Life Coach,

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And if you think you’re the only one that feels intolerably dissatisfied with their career choice, I promise you that you’re not alone. I’ve worked with all sorts of people, some having already transitioned careers several times. People from the movie industry, business consultants, government workers, teachers, company trainers, entrepreneurs, advertising executives, administration staff, managers, salespeople, fashion savants, lawyers, communication specialists and more.

The roots of career dissatisfaction are simple to address, once you know what they are and what to do about them. This is where the Bliss Kit comes in:

It’s not a spell that you cast, but the results are pure magic.

The Bliss Kit and the strategies within it can be used in every-day situations by people, like you, who have given up on mainstream career advice (e.g. “Just take this personality test.”) or over-the-top pulpit teachings from people who try to sell (you) on the idea of giving it all up and going after your dreams without a care in the world. You need a connection to the real world and your real life circumstances.

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Sheldon Taylor“I worked in Retail Management for nearly twenty years. My several attempts to leave were futile because it was comfortable. For the last 3 years or so, I was checked out. I needed soul searching and guidance.

The Bliss Kit is a self-awareness approach to career creation. I have to say it is one of the best steps forward I have taken in my life – beyond amazing! I fell in love with this material because it challenged me at a time when I really wanted to become the person that I imagined. I broke free from my patterns and found the courage to create my amazing life!

Now I’m passionate about what I do for a living. I feel purpose driven and my experience with the Bliss Kit has allowed me the opportunity to clearly see what I am capable of.

Sheldon Taylor | Fitness Trainer and Wellness Expert

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I poured everything into this digital program. It’s laid out as the most intriguing career curriculum you’ve ever seen. When you order, you’re getting the kind of information top executives get privately coached with that no one ever reveals because the true recipe for success if often a very guarded secret.

The Bliss Kit helps you figure out your career with:
:: over 450 pages of game-changing content;
:: access to 17 videos – most of them animated with graphics;
:: 7 guided imageries that access insight and information that is largely ignored and hence unused;
:: 40 core defining PlaySheets that integrate and implement your own desired changes;
:: experiential exercises (real life learning activities – the most impactful kind);
:: stories from my previous clients (that bring the concepts to life);
:: and a resource guide that I’ve developed working with clients over the years (the best stuff vetted so that you don’t have to).
It’s an abundance of insights and content that is so unique and real, you’ll wonder why it isn’t taught in schools (everyone always, always tells me that).

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Need a sneak peak before buying? Of course. Download the introduction + table of contents + my personal story by clicking right here.

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Billene Seyoum“It’s time to fall in love – with yourself! Create the life and career path you’ve been craving. These aren’t nice ideas. They are real.
Billene Seyoum | Program Officer, Institute of Peace & Security Studies

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Catherine Power“You are standing at your starting point for greatness. The Bliss Kit is an empowering perspective from which to create meaning in your life’s work.
Catherine Power | Talent Aquisition Manager, Staples Business Advantage

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And now, the details for career bliss! (Or, what you get and how you get it.)

When you buy the Bliss Kit, everything arrives in an instant (choose your desired format to work with):

1. The “download” (it’s 478 pages … BIG + AMAZING)
2. Everything separated out into modules + a PlayBook (to print and complete)

Most videos are between 8 and 18 minutes – they’re short enough to be easy to watch and long enough to give you exactly what you need to put the concepts into practice to start using the information right away.

Are there video transcripts? No. Thank goodness too. In this case, believe me (and I know it’s not always the case), you want to watch because there are animated graphics! I’m there, explaining all of the vital concepts visually.

You can also download all the guided imageries onto your iPod/iPhone/whatever and listen to them anytime (except when you’re driving or when your attention is needed elsewhere). It’s totally easy, because I want it to be totally easy for you.

Result: Amazing content that you can use to create a soul satisfying career. And pretty much zero overwhelm because you can do it at your own pace.

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To order The Bliss Kit click the Buy Now button below. You can pay via PayPal (you don’t need an account to use your credit card), and I promise you it will be the best money you’ve ever invested in yourself.

It’s gorgeous. And simply profound.

Karma in effect:
I’ve been on the receiving end of this material and it truly changed the way that I approached work personally. I feel blessed to be able to make it accessible in this way to many more people. If you’re not sure it’s for you after reading all of this, talk to me personally first.

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Lillian Zaremba“Before, I would never have approached people that I admired – people with awesome jobs that I wanted to work for and with. The whole ‘career thing’ just felt wrong.

I now know what my work purpose is and it guides my career decisions – the material in the Bliss Kit is potent.

It seems so obvious, the concept of “fit” (between a job and a person), but it was ground-breaking to approach the whole job search without my previous attachments. It allowed me to engage in ways that felt authentic – I got my dream job even though I only partially met the requirements. They wanted me anyway.

I partnered this process with in-person support to create accountability for myself and together they worked magic. My learning to share: Go after what you want and you will get it. What you really want, wants you right back!

Lillian Zaremba | Environmental Sustainability Engineer

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“Work used to mean doing hated tasks over and over again, and hating myself for doing them. I struggled with not understanding how to be happy, content or fulfilled.

A small part of me knew that it didn’t have to be that way. I saw others enjoying and thriving in their work. But I didn’t know how to get what they had.

The material in the Bliss Kit helped me to uncover, discover and embrace what I love and want in my life. And discard what I don’t!

I didn’t fully understand or accept some parts of the course at first, but when I started to apply it to my own life, its meaning abounded. I’m no longer trying to work in jobs that ask me to be someone I’m not. Now I know that I deserve to be happy.

This is a program in how to live YOUR life YOUR way. The “hard work” you’re supposed to be doing is unblocking your enjoyment.

Alyson Gracey | Social Change Advocate

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Janette Chun“A life-threatening cancer diagnosis stopped me dead in my tracks. I’d ‘worked hard’ my whole life and it had to stop. I needed to create a whole life that included work that supported who and how I was.

The Bliss Kit is full of activities that use the element of surprise for learning. It made doing the exercises feel fun; learning about myself was refreshing and intriguing. My biggest insight was about how I made decisions – or rather how I had been avoiding making them.

It was a relief to find an alternative to conventional career planning – something I tried many times to no avail. I get things done now, but with a planning strategy that supports my uniqueness. I no longer ignore myself at the expense of creating worthwhile work. I no longer believe in creating self-imposed limitations for this “one wild and precious life!”

I’ve grieved what I thought were career failures and am able to see much more clearly what I actually enjoy doing. There is no time like the present to take your journey!”

Janette Chun | Communications & Community Strategist

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