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Sabrina Ali - Career Counselor & Writer

Who you really are is what the world really needs.

Your real work is your real joy. Bliss is the fuel for getting your brilliance out into the world.

I believe that real conversations, the ones that have unpredictable results and change you, inspire creativity, generosity, action and purpose. I believe that these conversations are also the roots and wings of solutions to our modern day problems.

I believe in the outward ripple of precise action and the forces of whimsical dreaming. They belong together. They always have and always will.

I know that being authentic is essential to finding (and thriving) your way.

I write + create for self-expression and enlightenment.

My virtual home is where you’re always invited for tea. I post once a week and do it because there is power in articulating who you really are and what you really do. This is how you create your future and make sense of the past whether in your resume, in your elevator pitch, or in your heart and to yourself. Click here for my most recent stuff.

Because clarity is the fuel for brilliant career navigation, I’ve created a path, a structure, and a methodology for becoming your own career counselor. Want to feel on purpose and create an authentic career? Learn more here.

The Bliss Kit

I speak for inspiration and alchemy.

I talk about how to shape a career that is a reflection of who you really are and how to work with purpose, creativity and a sense of contribution. I’m low-tech, high inspiration, imagination and creativity stirring.

I’ve spoken to audiences from teeny-tiny to large at the YWCA and YMCA, The Adler School of Professional Psychology, SilverBirch Hotels and Resorts, Simon Fraser University and at secondary schools on three continents. Let’s talk about what I can do for you. It’s already the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Email me without further delay at sabrina [at] MakeBelieveForReal [dot] com.

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“What a gift to awaken to my authentic self be myself at work! Sabrina helped me to see meaning and translate that into confidence in navigating my career.”
Orly Darel | Sales & Merchandising Specialist

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I strategize to inspire action and give desire form.

I book one-on-one time with people that need career insight, clarity and direction. Stuck? Confused? Want action? This is where Alice in Wonderland whimsical meets James Bond action.
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Once upon a time …

I thought that I was destined to climb the corporate ladder in order to create the security and happiness that I desired. I accomplished much as a diligent high achiever with the world of great self-expectation to carry on my shoulders. I had done “all the right things” to achieve all the goals that were supposed to make me successful, but still I wanted something more. What happened when I changed on the inside would never compare to what I changed on the outside.

You might think that I look too young to have known true dissatisfaction, but here’s what you don’t know: I didn’t come from a stable or supportive home and once I left it, I couldn’t look back without turning my back on myself. My will to survive was intense because I didn’t have the support structures that other people have and so I literally made a career out of learning how to create job security. I studied the anatomy of job satisfaction and finally learned how to decide and design purposeful work that pays.

I have a BA in Communications (studied at 3 different universities including one in Sweden) and I’m certified to deliver FIRO® Theory (a framework developed to unblock human potential in the context of interpersonal relationships from the US Navy – Ahoy!). I’ve worked in both Human Resources and Communications on recruitment, retention and engagement strategies. And I’ve traveled the world to advise high school, undergraduate and graduate students on their career and education plans. Before I went rogue, I taught a month-long career exploration and self-development course for people who swore that they never wanted to work another day in their life. What they were really needing was to understand what they wanted to contribute. Once they did, they created a career approach so uniquely suited to them that they couldn’t resist working.

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“Working with Sabrina is truly inspiring! Get unstuck with tools and insights to see what’s possible and move forward with clarity.”
Eva von Wagner | Senior Travel Consultant
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Contact and connect:

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