Beauty secrets for writing your resume

Beauty is a state of being. It radiates. Practically. Irresistible.

Your heart might even literally feel as though it’s softened in the middle in the presence of beauty – the laughter of loved ones, puppies playing, flames dancing, a warm breeze on your skin, witnessing a sunset, or a spectacular moon rise. Most people I know stop and stare at the sight of a rainbow.

There is no doubt that beauty is a need. The moment is distinctly halted.

That’s no secret.

Here’s what seems to be though: You have the ability recognize beauty in the world because beauty also resides in you.

And here’s what you can do: Bring your beauty to every cell of your being in every gesture of every moment of every day. It literally has the effect of ‘red carpet roll out.’

This includes not-so-obvious places and times. Like while you are looking for work. Beginning the moment you begin to ponder and pen down your resume.

And believe me, you want your inner beauty to show up on your resume.

The grand error is thinking that you have no beauty or that your entire career strategy has no place for it. I would seriously reconsider.

Beauty reveal: Just because you cannot see what is hidden in plain view does not mean that it doesn’t exist.

So believe in your beauty like you mean it if you want to see it.

Three beauty secrets for your resume revealed:

1. What were you feeling most strongly while you were creating your resume?

Fear? Anguish? Anxiety? Fraudulent?

Excited? Enthusiastic? Peaceful? Glowing?

How about indifference?

It makes a difference.

Feelings are the birthing place of your content strategy. Words. Bullets. Categories. Order. Omissions. Inclusions.

Reflect: Are any of the feelings that you had while writing your resume the same as those that come up when you ponder your current or last job?

Beauty note: Make sure you feel good when you’re working on your resume.

2. Are you a human being?

Most people on their resume present a human doing.

Result: In an effort to be a generic version of yourself for the job search ritual, you ‘air brush’ away all that makes someone really excited about meeting you.

When really, human beings LOVE meeting other human beings.

And here’s a reality check on the actual definition of what a job posting is:

A human being asking for help.

That’s it. Really. That. Is. It. (And we get so freaked out right?)

So of course employers get cranky when people don’t show up as themselves. And of course you’re cranky about not being yourself when you’re looking for a new job. No one gets to see anybody’s real beauty.

Beauty note: Inner beauty comes from nurturing the person within and showing up as that person in all aspects of your life. The allure of beauty is a lure.

3.  What does your reflection say about you?

I’m not talking about your mirror image. Instead, let’s reflect on what you’ve reflected about yourself in writing.

Look at your resume and notice (very objectively as though it weren’t your resume) which jobs have the best bullets on your resume? And which jobs have the worst bullets on your resume?

What to Look for:

: Happy and professional wording vs. plain and boring wording

: Genuine detail vs. details seriously lacking or “embellished” details

: Sentence-like wording vs. listing tasks

Notice any inconsistencies? Notice the contrast of yourself within the document depending on the position or time in your life?

This mishmash presentation essentially sends the message: “I don’t really know myself. I’m not sure what I want. I don’t know what makes me happy.”

This leaves you open to interpretation and definitely sets you up for a repetition of less than divine experiences on the job.

You and you alone determine how you want your past to be conveyed.

Beauty note: Reflect and home in on the aspects of your past work that you either enjoyed or that revealed aspects of your character that you enjoy making use of. This leads to better resume content and reveals your true beauty.


This is an excerpt from Presenting: the Real You – the resume storybook that I’m writing. Like it? Want more? Sign up and you’ll get more!

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