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  • get ready to write your own ticket

    What I’m about to share with you shouldn’t be a secret anymore. And I’ll warn you right now that it’s going to sound unbelievable. Every time it’s happened over the years, I’ve found myself thinking: “Another one?!? I get to see another one!?! How can this be?” And if these weren’t the stories of my […]

  • the gift of failure – and how to unwrap it

    We grow up wondering if we’re ever going to feel “it.” You know, maybe if we’re lucky, we’ll stumble upon that illusive feeling. What feeling do I speak of exactly? The feeling of inner worthiness. The one we refer to as being “good enough.” In pursuit of this feeling without a set criteria, we create […]

  • how does the world see you?

    Of course you can always ask for feedback when you want to know how the world sees you from whomever, but there’s a caveat to the question – wouldn’t you rather know how the world sees you at your best? ‘At your best’ is your ‘money maker’ or ‘hire me’ quality – something about you […]

  • creating career happiness begins with forgiveness

    Forgiveness + career. They go together. They belong together. They influence and affect one another. But very rarely are they ever spoken of in the context of togetherness. Too often it is the lack of forgiveness that prevents you from being the person you want to be doing the job you want to be doing. […]

  • fairy tale career or fairy tale romance? how do you choose?

    Whether in a movie on screen or the movie you call your “real life” – career and romance are pitted against one another to create a great deal of angst as well as drama. Seems hard to create happiness in both. And that’s how it looks in the tabloids too. It’s a choice for sure, […]

  • a more beautiful career means learning to ask a more beautiful question

    Honestly, I feel really sad (and sometimes mad too) that most people don’t know what a beautiful question is or how to ask one nor how the beauty of a question can dramatically alter the course of one’s life. (In fact, I am painfully aware of how you rob yourself of the kind of experiences […]

  • at work shit happens … and what’s that like for you?

    Work is stressful. Incredibly so. But do you know why? It’s because even though we all know that shit happens at work, we don’t want shit to happen at work. It’s like you think you’re just there to do your job. And if that were true, you could just do your job. But work, like […]

  • 9 writing prompts to help you figure out what’s not working in your career

    I once interviewed Lynda Monk and in our interview she said something that I saw for the first time hidden in plain view. It made something that I usually do seem and feel different. Before I tell you what she said, I’m going to metaphorically press “pause” for a moment and tell you about a […]

  • what should you do to make your career better?

    As an expert, professional and human being I don’t believe in “shoulding on yourself.” Ever. Like. Seriously. “Shoulding” on yourself is actually a debilitating way to go about your life. Because I don’t know if you’ve ever really noticed, but take note now – the voice of “should” is not kind, nor compassionate nor wise. […]

  • a happy birthday to me! + it’s pay what you can day 4 u!

    I would love for you to celebrate with me. And to celebrate you. *** THE SALE IS NOW CLOSED FOR 2014. THANK YOU!*** And to celebrate together, it’s the second: “Bliss Kit Pay What You Can Day.” For the next 24 hours I’m offering the Bliss Kit for whatever you can pay. For yourself? Lovely. […]