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  • what should you do to make your career better?

    As an expert, professional and human being I don’t believe in “shoulding on yourself.” Ever. Like. Seriously. “Shoulding” on yourself is actually a debilitating way to go about your life. Because I don’t know if you’ve ever really noticed, but take note now – the voice of “should” is not kind, nor compassionate nor wise. […]

  • whatever your work, let it be how you care (for you + others)

    “Not ALL people can or will follow their passion even if they could find it … Someone’s still gotta take orders at McDonald’s, haul the garbage, answer the phones, install the cable. If all of us were destined for ‘living the life we were meant to live,’ nobody would do those jobs!” If you think […]

  • my top secret tips for writing thank-you notes that make you feel all sparkly inside + at peace with however life goes

    The thank you note: the grand flourish that indicates your genuine interest in pursuing your candidacy for a job. Let’s set the scene first: The interview was magic and you’d really love to move things to the next level … … but you don’t want to sound creepy, clingy, cheesy. Right? I understand. When something […]

  • 9 practices for being authentic in your career

    Authenticity isn’t easy. I won’t lie and tell you that it is. Especially in your career. Everything is fine on the weekend. You’ve recovered from a week of coping because being inauthentic depleted your energy reserves. And then you go to work and deplete yourself again being less than your ideal or authentic self. (You’re […]

  • 3 steps for reigning in that inner critic

    It lives with you and it won’t move out. No matter how many times you send it packing. Ignore it. Avoid it. Want it to just go away. Sometimes (if you are very, very lucky) it goes on vacation (for some unknown reason), but you’re never sure when it’s going to return. But return it […]

  • 19 career advisor wisdom bites for your own career bliss

    Being alive is a charming experience, isn’t it? You grow up and are deeply fearful of things that make you think that it’s just better to stay where you are. And while you’re at it, maybe stay how you are too. Hey – I bet sometimes you feel just like the people who were afraid […]