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  • what are your career plans for 2014?

    A career is a long and arduous thing when you’re not inspired. Retirement can’t come fast enough. In contrast: When you are inspired through what you contribute in your work, there isn’t anywhere else you’d rather be or anything else you’d rather be doing. Really. (And I know that you secretly know this already.) Since […]

  • what’s after your ‘happily ever after’ (exactly)?

    Fairy tales end with the flourish: ‘happily ever after.’ And while that sounds like a nice way to live, most people I know are actually afraid of living ‘happily ever after.’ Here’s why: ‘Happily ever after’ sounds like a boring existence because in the fairy tale, that’s where the story ends. It’s everything before those […]

  • why a personality assessment can’t create self-awareness

    You are oriented to life differently than some and the same as others. No, it’s not an overly insightful statement, but in moments you do forget. You need to make yourself right so that someone else can be wrong (or vice versa … yes, that happens). You can’t figure someone out that you want to […]

  • how to make believe for real

    Intention is usually thought to be a goal or purpose, yet that’s not what I mean with the use of the word. I imagine us as artists who influence our lives with the paintbrushes and colors of our energy, outlook, desires, and attitude toward our role in the creating (our life) process. Whether aware of […]