burning question: what’s my purpose for money?

Want lots of money? What for?

There is a freedom in money that I once projected. I used to think that money would give me the freedom to be who I wanted, to do what I really wanted, to express who I really am. I wanted money to tell me that it was all going to be okay.

Here’s what I think now:

It’s more powerful to have a purpose for money, than a want for it.

My purpose for money is to own a beautiful home with a view of the ocean and mountains – maybe the one I live in now. Replace the things that need replacing. Pay off the remains of my student loan and add to my collection of very discerningly selected beauty products. It’s an act of self-nurture to have just the right lotion or bubble bath on hand. The occasional box of fine European chocolate and a variety of tea offerings to share with company is also a delight that money provides.

To always ensure that I am able to keep my 2pm appointments with my dog. To pay for a very private wedding to marry my business and life partner – we already know where and it’s only a two hour drive away. To fly one very special guest to the wedding.

To create and facilitate ways for people to find and follow their bliss.

To write in unusual locales and visit friends abroad that I made when I was younger.

To demonstrate gratitude in a physical form to others with thoughtfully chosen gifts and presents (things they want + things I’d like to give them that I just know they’d love).

To once have breakfast on a glacier and watch the sunrise with close friends. Like the lotto commercial – it’s the only one that ever resonated.

My purpose for money is to express greater financial generousity in philanthropic ways. In the past I’ve given a lot of my time and now I’d like to give lots of money too:

To pay for operations, medicine and training for rescue dogs to find forever homes by lessening any barriers to a new home. To connect the teacher of love, resilience and surrender with their students.

To support people who are enthusiastic about protecting natural resources and sacred places – organizations, photography expeditions, art shows that transform greed and scarcity into understanding and self-nurturing.

That the purpose of money be used in service of and to create greater consciousness.

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