Tag: career bliss

  • creating career happiness begins with forgiveness

    Forgiveness + career. They go together. They belong together. They influence and affect one another. But very rarely are they ever spoken of in the context of togetherness. Too often it is the lack of forgiveness that prevents you from being the person you want to be doing the job you want to be doing. […]

  • fairy tale career or fairy tale romance? how do you choose?

    Whether in a movie on screen or the movie you call your “real life” – career and romance are pitted against one another to create a great deal of angst as well as drama. Seems hard to create happiness in both. And that’s how it looks in the tabloids too. It’s a choice for sure, […]

  • a more beautiful career means learning to ask a more beautiful question

    Honestly, I feel really sad (and sometimes mad too) that most people don’t know what a beautiful question is or how to ask one nor how the beauty of a question can dramatically alter the course of one’s life. (In fact, I am painfully aware of how you rob yourself of the kind of experiences […]

  • at work shit happens … and what’s that like for you?

    Work is stressful. Incredibly so. But do you know why? It’s because even though we all know that shit happens at work, we don’t want shit to happen at work. It’s like you think you’re just there to do your job. And if that were true, you could just do your job. But work, like […]

  • a ‘what if’ (positive possibility) exercise for career bliss

    The one rule: Bask in the glow of your potential. The one instruction: Read the completed exercise aloud to yourself (and/or a loving audience) as often as you wish. The one consideration: Give yourself permission to re-write as you evolve your consciousness and self-concept. You don’t wake up the same every day – so keep […]

  • the circuitous and curious fabled yet truthful path to career bliss

    As a wee one you got asked: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” … a lot. And really, how annoying was that?! A mermaid. A car designer. A firefighter. A dancer. A hockey player. An umpire. A unicorn. Duh. Your family smirked. Thought you were cute. They took your dreams literally […]

  • what are your career plans for 2014?

    A career is a long and arduous thing when you’re not inspired. Retirement can’t come fast enough. In contrast: When you are inspired through what you contribute in your work, there isn’t anywhere else you’d rather be or anything else you’d rather be doing. Really. (And I know that you secretly know this already.) Since […]

  • getting in the mood … for career bliss

    “Working on your career” isn’t the most inspiring thought to hold in your mind. In fact, it usually conjures up the feeling of rolling a rather large boulder up a big hill without really understanding the purpose of the task. So, my advice is: Don’t bother working on your career. Focus more on getting in […]

  • how one percent changes everything

    How do you make career bliss actually happen? You’re busy enough as it is. Right? Work practically owns your ass. There’s social media, emails to return or write, worrying that things will be worse than they are now and creating strategies for what you should do if they do get worse. And then there is […]

  • what is bliss? defined as poetry.

    Bliss is you. Inspired. Creating the life of your dreams. On purpose. The recipe? Clearly set intention. Brutal kindness. Mad, mad, mad … LOVE. … and truth. Being genuine. This is “the” magic. Connected. Deeply. To what truly matters. You matter to you. Sharing generously with the world. Distractions are filtered out. Out, out, I […]