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  • create job bliss by asking the right questions

    Questions are powerful things when asked in the genuine spirit of curiosity. And curiosity is what will lead you straight to job bliss. Especially in an interview situation (and dating too … because really they’re not so different when you think about it). It’s because you get to see things for what they are, as […]

  • how to make believe for real

    Intention is usually thought to be a goal or purpose, yet that’s not what I mean with the use of the word. I imagine us as artists who influence our lives with the paintbrushes and colors of our energy, outlook, desires, and attitude toward our role in the creating (our life) process. Whether aware of […]

  • a prescription for job bliss

    Here’s what I know about you: You spend time and enormous amounts of energy wishing that the process of finding job bliss were different than it is. Especially when you’re on the brink of want for that next career stepping stone to appear. If you are getting frustrated with the online application process in particular, […]

  • q&a: two loves but no job bliss

    ::Question:: I have two loves: Public relations and writing stories. The thing is that I am doing these two things in separate jobs, but don’t make much money. I want full-time work with good pay. I see others that I know working at their “dream job” experiencing job bliss doing what I want to do […]