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I have two loves: Public relations and writing stories. The thing is that I am doing these two things in separate jobs, but don’t make much money. I want full-time work with good pay. I see others that I know working at their “dream job” experiencing job bliss doing what I want to do because they did it as their practicum for school and got jobs after graduation. It’s frustrating and I am ready for a change. I need career help. Any advice? – C.J.


The good news is that you know what you want for yourself. The career help you need is a people strategy! The people that are experiencing job bliss in their dream jobs aren’t special. As anyone that has ever gotten their dream job can attest, the reason they got it is because they got in the way of possibility. They became known entities to their prospective employers.

People – and employers really are people in spite of what some may believe, by nature are drawn to what’s familiar especially when someone feels good to be around. So it’s not surprising that people you personally know got hired after their practicum without further career help. That doesn’t mean however that you can’t get in the way of possibility too. Here’s how:

You know the people doing the work that you want to do – personally. For goodness sake, call them up.

Tell them that you have job envy because they look like they’re having so much fun.

Offer to buy them coffee, lunch, a beer or ask to go for a walk with them and their dog.

And before you’re done meeting, don’t forget to ask if they know of anyone else that they think you’d really hit it off with. They know what you’re like now after all. Because part of what makes a dream job, a dream job, is enjoying who you work with. That’s one of the key ingredients in actually having job bliss.

(If this sounds a lot like dating … it’s because it is.)

This is “the how” of how you get in the way of possibility. You act with clear intention. No agenda necessary. One thing inevitably leads to another. And another. It’s simple stuff. Human beings connecting with human beings.

And the people you network with – chances are that they’ll be really flattered and glad to re-connect with you. If it really is their dream job, they’ll be thrilled to talk about their work. But if someone declines, don’t make it about you – you just don’t know what people are dealing with personally. Like ever. Just ask someone else.

The best part? You already love the field, you have the skills and experience, so you have no need to be other than who you are. And just like the employers that hired people that they knew, start with who you know first.

BTW – If you’re feeling a little bit nervous or rusty on the subject of networking (how to do it + why do it + how not to feel icky about it), I happen to have the handiest guide ever. Just subscribe to my list (on the right) and it’ll come as an expression of gratitude for you to download. It’s some FREE career help. :)

In (job) bliss,

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