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  • claim your career bliss: interview with alex baisley

    “I think I know what everyone’s biggest dream is underneath all of the dreams. I think that it’s a great daily life … [therefore] our only real work that’s actually going to feel on track all the time is anything to do with designing, building and improving our daily life.” – Alex Baisley, Head Lad […]

  • claim your career bliss: inteview with alyson mead

    “It’s not like everyone is ‘yeah!’ when they [the people close to you] find out that you’re a psychic … It scares people … [the profession doesn’t have a good reputation] … I helped someone escape from an abusive husband [I tell the story in the book] … To not claim my [psychic] ability was […]

  • claim your career bliss: interview with hannah brencher

    “It was just getting more tiring to do the job I was getting paid to do. Eventually I felt that I was doing a disservice to the company. I needed to re-evaluate and [it took the most courage] to do what it would take to leap out … I’ve never had this much peace in […]

  • claim your career bliss: interview with sean aiken

    “What job would satisfy that potential [in me]? … I’m just going to be vulnerable and say: “Hey look! I have no idea.” … There’s always this sense that you’re supposed to have a plan … It’s okay not to know and to not have an answer … [so that you then can] know what […]

  • claim your career bliss: interview with l’erin alta-devki

    “I knew that [my day job] wasn’t sustainable although I was getting money to travel [and] to do all these other things that I wanted … I did not want to get up in the morning and go to work. There was something greater that was calling me that I was not moving into … […]

  • claim your career bliss: interview with adam king

    “If [overcoming my limitations or myself] were achieved through a pill or some magic ‘big break’ … I would have been piling on another layer of false identity and false pursuits … we must revel in the process [of life]… because if you’re not, [you] miss getting rid of everything that is burdening you as […]

  • claim your career bliss: interview with the purpose fairy

    “[If you] peel off the layers that other people put on you…you shine. You go back to your origins … [To live this way] imagine yourself on your deathbed now – I certainly did. Now ask yourself this: ‘Is this how you want to live your life [until then]?’” – The Purpose Fairy, Writer and […]

  • claim your career bliss: interview with lynda monk

    “You need one [self-care] to have the other [bliss] … I learned over time that when self-care is something that I return to as a ritual and a practice … it lights up the other parts of my life … Self-care says who I am is important and what I need is important … and […]

  • claim your career bliss: interview with alex franzen

    “A great sense of bliss, and certainty and serenity comes from knowing who you are … and not just knowing, but having the words to convey it … If you can’t answer the question: ‘So, what do you do?’ Then [knowing who you are] is not really worth much … It’s the ownership of the […]

  • claim your career bliss: interview with tad hargrave

    “One of my mentors … his money vanished … like 2 million dollars of his life savings gone … In an interview he said: ‘I spent 40 years doing what I wanted to do. I still have those 40 years. I just lost the money. [Others] lost the money and the 40 years.’ … One […]