burning question: what boat do you need to burn?

Imagine a people that encounter new lands, unpack and then burn their boats.

Only onward, forward motion in their hearts and minds.

To burn a boat and move forward is a sign of inner peace with what is.

My boat to burn is relationships – to past well-meaning colleagues, friends and family. Once in bonds that benefited both with love, support and listening is no more. I find myself in territory where the contrast is too great and the chasm growing.

What once buoyed is now a burden. A relationship with angels that turned to anchors. The sails will not rise and billow as they once did.

After grieving (and it is a must to burn this boat), it’s truly freeing to let go of old identifiers. Of people who knew you that don’t want to know you – as you are in this moment.

To talk and feel energy taken – going against the current and wind. It’s just a Hallmark story that relationships are forever.

It is their impact that is forever. And it really is.

I need to give what gives me energy. To work with people that create energy with me.

This boat is overloaded. It’s still. I want to move faster. I want to feel the wind.

I want. I need. To fly.

Click to tweet it: “To burn a boat and move forward is a sign of inner peace with what is.”
Click to tweet it: “It’s just a Hallmark story that relationships are forever. It’s their impact that is forever.”

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And it’s real peace when we do this for ourselves, not just the absence of conflict (that feels anything but peaceful inside). Thank you for sharing.


I recently let go of a relationship that no longer served me, as I transitioned into alignment with my purpose.

It has been strange and uncomfortable but I know it is right.

I had to let go of the ‘shoulds’ to accept what is and now I have peace.

Great post. Thank you.


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